Bronchial Dinosaurs

Well, as many of you know from our social media posts last week I have been fighting the bronchial dinosaurs. They are a vicious vicious beast that  climbs into your bronchial tubes and basically annihilates them while filling your lungs with their snotty disgustingness. 

It's been swell around here. 

I missed a Home & Life Blog post because I was at the doctors office not getting one breathing treatment...

not getting two...

but three! Because you know...overachiever

With that being said I have been trying to get back on track with life, and let's be honest...that hasn't been easy lately. If it is not one thing it's another. My mother has given me some very wise words of wisdom lately. 

Ashleigh, life happens. Get used to it. 

I'm working on it Mom. 

It literally made me envision this moment, which totally tells you what generation I am from.

Okay, so what is up in Art & History? I have no freaking clue. Like, I got nothing. I haven't been reading any articles, checking my twitter feed, scrolling through my instagram. Nothing. 

So....we're going to small talk today. What am I excited about? Well, I finally ordered The Ninja the Loot Anime Box. He's been gushing about it for a while now, but we just haven't been able to order it, and I finally bit the bullet and ordered him one. Just so he can get a taste of awesome. He's a huge anime/manga/gundam junkie. HUGE may be an understatement. We are actively awaiting it's arrival, mostly because I want to see him smile. 

While I was bed-resting last week I spent a lot time dream shopping on ASOS. I found the perfect dress for Derby Day that is upcoming on May 7th. We host Shreveport Derby Day at the Gallery and I love to see all of the dresses and hats. But then I feel the pressure to pull of a beautiful ensemble as well! 

Also, I have been loving these fanfic pieces by Karen Hallion on DeviantArt. Star Wars + Haunted Mansion = Happiness. 

Okay, Happy Monday all. Seven of Ten and I will be back on the ball this week! We promise...we hope. As always stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! 

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  1. I hope you feel better soon! Karen Hallion's work is so amazing.