Cosplay Photographers: Theft of Creativity

You've seen it before, I know you have.  You've seen the viral cosplay photo that everyone is talking about:


The question is...can you tell me who the photographer is? It isn't just convention hall shots that are not giving any credit to photographers, we're also seeing more and more professional shoots go without credit as they circle the internet.  
You can find groups across the internet - Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr - who provide a group of Cosplay photos for perusal often with little to no credit given to photographers whose creativity help make the shots what they are. I've seen it most in the click bait articles that pop up in my news stream more often than not:

What is the solution? Unfortunately, it is a rather complicated issue, but Kotaku investigates further here. At EG, we try to credit when possible, but even we've had difficulty finding photo origins when we're writing.  Have you been the victim of cosplay photography theft?

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  1. A friend recently had a photo she took of a cosplayer shared by that cosplayer but no credit was given to her at all. It doesn't take that much effort to give credit where credit is due!

  2. Great post! It's unfortunate to see people not get credited. Ever since I read this article ( I've been more aware of how and what pictures I use on my blog and social media. Too many times people's work goes without proper credit. I always try to make sure the original artist is not only linked properly but the image is uploaded with their name too.