Fandom Guilty Pleasures

Happy Friday Everyone! I have been waiting for this weekend for a quite a while. The Ninja and I will be sneaking away for a weekend in the Crescent City! Well, one night. But I'm choosing to look at the glass as half full around here! 

Today's #5FandomFriday is "Fandom Guilty Pleasures" so let's dive right in...

Jane Austen

I mean, would I have considered my Austen-addiction a Fandom? Probably not until I saw Austenland a few months ago. It was the first time I realized that so many other people feel like I do about Jane Austen. My grandmother gave me first copy of a Jane Austen book and they have been some of my most prized possessions ever since. As a matter of fact, if you seen any of my home decor blogs, you know that these exact books set a top my mantle in my living room. They are beautiful to look at, and very well read. 


Have I spent countless hours of my life cleaning my house and singing along to Hamilton while attempting to learn the entirety of the Cabinet Battles and using the lyrics a dialogue in lectures? Yes. Am I ashamed? Not even a little.  

I started watching One Tree Hill on it's premier while I was a Sophmore in High school. I've watched re-run after re-run for years. It's kind of my comfort blanked from a simpler time. Oh, and the music is still some of my fav! 


Okay, this one I am a tiny bit ashamed of. And I am giving you permission to judge me. It's okay, I judge me too.


Brainless, mindless, and occasionally informative. Yeah, I am a proud YouTube Red subscriber. No ads make for a much more enjoyable experience, and I love the people I am subscribed to. In a very weird way it seems as though they are my friends... gah, that sounds tragic. 

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