Star Wars Everyday Cosplay

It's almost time to celebrate A2-D2's favorite geek holiday:

Today on Cosplay Wednesday, we're chatting about Everyday Cosplay for this glorious of nerd holidays!

Let's start with a color palate that I expect is in your closet already:

R2-D2 Everyday Cosplay

R2-D2's nail options can be found here, here, and here/here.

For C3PO, I thought I'd play with a mix of fabrics and give a shout out to his new arm!
C3PO Everyday Cosplay

Nail options for C3PO can be found here, here, and here.  Don't forget that with the nail options, all proceeds this month go to help abused women in North Texas as they relocate, find jobs, and get out of their abusive situation. There's also a great buy 3, get 1 free option!  Will you be participating in an everyday cosplay for May 4?

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  1. I love that you even included looks for your nails!

    1. I really love the Jamberry products - there is such a variety of designs and they even have nail care! If you're interested, don't forget that this month (April) proceeds go to women trying to get out of abusive relationships!

  2. Oh I love these both! Daytime with R2 and nighttime look with C-3PO

    1. I didn't even think of that! Ohh date night!