Let's High 5!

So...if you are a morning blog reader I have good news for you.

I am sleeping right now. 

Well, maybe it isn't great news for you, but it is excellent news for me. I am EXHAUSTED!!! and I have had about a million things going on at work over the past two months and today is my day to sleep in. 

I was starting to act as crazy as this lady so let's all count our blessings.

Okay, so let's do this High 5 the old fashioned way and knock out the five most awesome things of this past week...or maybe a couple things that I am excited about! 

This fella and I had an excellent #ShreveportDerbyDay2016. Definitely one for the books!

Next up we had Night at the Museum. Every spring we host this event at the Gallery and this year we took the giant leap of purchasing and mounting a screen in the trees on our south lawn. If you are a Shreveport/Bossier local check the R.W. Norton Facebook Page! We are going to be showing feature films the first Friday of the month all the way through October!

This kiddo got an award for making straight A's all year long. I'm not sure if it's Mom bias, or just awesomeness, but The Ninja and I are very proud! 

Two of my cousins are in town! Sarah, our tall cousin and blonde cousin, is in town from college in Arkansas and Carmen, the one that looks like me, is hanging around on vacation from her job in Afghanistan. Both of these ladies depart this weekend and I haven't had nearly enough time to spend with them! 

Finally, this weekend is Rivercon! I'm going to be hanging around to learn about models and model competitions for a while on Saturday so come and say Hi! 

As always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! 

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  1. Sounds like you've had lots of good things going on :)