May the Fourth

Last time on Cosplay Wednesday, I shared some Everyday Cosplay ideas for today - May the 4th!  Today, I'd like to show you how my family is celebrating!

I'm using my nails to represent my favorite little droid!  You can get these nails at

Amelia and I are representing our favorite characters. Amelia is showing her fearlessness by saying she isn't afraid of the dark side, and I'm sharing my everyday cosplay in honor of my favorite droid!

The Captain left before I could snap a pic of his Star Wars attire, but he's wearing his Stormtrooper dress socks today!

Be sure to check your local city event calendar - I'm sure you'll be able to find some fun Star Wars themed events!  Our favorite bar is doing a free round of drinks for any Star Wars Cosplayers and the local college bar is having Star Wars trivia night!  What are you doing to celebrate today?

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