My 5 Nerdiest Things

The Female Geek Bloggers are going into the archives this month for topics, and I've decided to tell you the five nerdiest things I've ever done!

I think that going to my first comic con as a Jenny and Madam Vastra duo counts as inclusion in this post!

Admitting I went to a Miss Teen USA pageant in the 90s, just to see NSYNC, has to make the cut too!

Already admitted on my first post with EG, but I did try to use the Star Trek: Next Generation opening monologue to run for 5th grade class president.

Based on the looks I got when explaining the inspiration, I would say that naming my daughter after a fictional character in Doctor Who makes the list!

Finally, I think getting on this adventure with A2-D2 and making a blog (a committed blog and brand) revolving around my geeky-ness is an amazing part of the list too!

I'll see you next week! Enjoy your exceptionally chic weekend!

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