Where is Marvel Taking Us?

Even to those who are entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe without previous knowledge of the comic books can see that there is an over-arching theme throughout the movies that centers around one man and a group of five stones.

Thanos first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe through the post-credits scene after The Avengers.  Thanos's primary objective is to collect the infinity stones in order to control them through a special gauntlet designed to control the powers of the stones.

What are the infinity stones? If you've been following the Marvel Cinimatic Universe, you've seen them, you may just not know it!  From the comics to the movies, there's been a bit of a translation issue because of the history of the stones within the comics themselves. As you can see from the two comic pages below (thanks to screenrant.com for the great copy of these historic pages!), there are differences in the stone colors within the comics themselves.

The Marvel Cinmeatic Universe is using the following color code: Blue - Mind; Teal - space; Purple - Power; Red - Reality; Yellow - Time; and Orange - Soul. These colors are based upon both fan theories and this interview with Kevin Feige. 

Here are the gems that we've seen so far through the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

Tesseract: Space Gem. The Tesseract heps Asgardians travel and helps aid an alien invasion!

Mind Infinity stone. We've seen this stone often as part of Loki's staff, and we've seen attempts to use it's power for nefarious acts throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Red Stone: Reality (?) was seen - not in the form of a stone - through Thor: The Dark World as The Aether

Power Stone is probably one of the easiest to discern in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the majority of Guardians of the Galaxy centered around this gem.

What we are currently missing is the Soul Gem and the Time Gem.  There has been a great hint as to where the time gem will be found.....
Notice the wonderful gem at the base of Dr. Strange's cape? Many people are insinuating that this will be the time gem, and I must say that I agree.  It works best with the Cinematic Universe compared to other theories I've read.

I'm excited to see where this over-arching plot takes us, but I wil admit that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has done well to let the movies stand on their own.  Where are you in the Cinematic World? What all have you seen? Do you have a favorite? A fan theory? Share it with us!  Until next time, I'm in a Marvel mood and may start binging...I'm thinking Captain America first...see you Friday!

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