Madam Vastra and Jenny Return

When A2-D2 and I switched blog topics at the beginning of the year, I let you all know that Jenny and Vastra would be returning at some point this year for a con.  If you follow us on Instagram ( can do that here), you know that Vastra and Jenny just finished con in Dallas and I'm here to talk about upgrades/changes to the costume, our experience this round as Vastra and Jenny, and review Instamorph that we discussed earlier this year!

This round, Vastra and Jenny both appeared in their formal wear from the episode "Deep Breath" (the T-rex in London).  I decided to purchase vest #3 from my post here and I truly enjoyed having it!  I purchased a small and then took in the sides as the arm holes were laughably large before the alterations! Not having to carry weaponry was also a plus since we also had Amelia with us and had her stroller and accessories - though the addition of a baby to this cosplay made many people think Vastra and I were a couple in real life as well!

We experimented with Instamorph, a moldable plastic that reacts to hot water, for this incarnation of the cosplay.  I really enjoyed this product.  After some experimentation, we found that if you did not leave the Instamorph in the water for too long, it would actually cool with a texture of scales.  It was much lighter than any other material we attempted to make Vastra's horns with and lasted throughout the con.  We plan to see if we can actually build a full facial mask if we continue with this cosplay duo.  Instamorph is reusable and now has an option of dye packs so that your plastic dries in a color rather than white - the standard color.

Everytime Vastra and I do this cosplay, we decide that we're going to put it away for a while after.  It's always very involved, takes a ton of prep, and we spend the majority of the con being asked for photos (though we love taking them, there are times when we really just want to eat our nachos!). At Dallas Comic Con, we were there for 2.5-3 hours and took 30 photos with guests. This time, we decided to put them away for a few years.  We have a great Kaylee and Mal, we're both working on a steampunk variation, and I'd love to be able to build a Gaige from Borderlands 2. So, we went into con with a "not for a few years" motto and left being asked to be a member of a local Doctor Who cosplay group who attends different events in the DFW area.  We have not officially joined the group, but Vastra and Jenny may be back sooner than we initially planned!  Until next time, stay exceptionally chic and exquisitely geek!

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