Red River Modelers RiverCon 2016

First and foremost I want to thank you for the break. Seven of Ten and I have been blogging for over two years straight and written over 350 blogs, but in the last two weeks our blogging lives had to become secondary to our real lives. We missed blogging and have gone back and forth on the right time to resume. The good news is, we are back! This is the right time because we missed all of the people that read/comment/interact with EG on a daily basis. Now, back to blogging! 

About three weeks ago (May 21) I had the opportunity to go hang out and learn about scale modeling at the Red River Modelers Annual RiverCon.

One thing is for sure,  had a lot to learn. I got the opportunity to talk to the club president, head judge, club members, and a friend of mine that were entering models in the completion.

Let me just start with this; these are not your locked in your basement haven't showered in a week kind of modelers. I was so impressed not only with the guys, mostly guys, themselves, but also the amazing quality of the work.

I have to say I walked away far more enlightened than prior to my visit to the Bossier City Convention Center that day, and isn't that always the goal? First off, I have such respect for the Red River Modelers. It is very rare to meet a group of people that participate in an organization together and to be able to feel their sense of community almost instantly.

During my conversation with Andy Bloom, club president, one of the first things I asked him was "How did you get involved in all of this?" His answer brought my a smile to my face. He began modeling when he was a child, probably about 7 or 8, and has been modeling ever since. One of the things that he has noticed over the years is that there is definitely a generation gap in scale modeling. I also heard that comment from head judge, Randy Colvin. Both of them remember participating in modeling with their friends when they were younger, even in high school. Today, the majority of young people that participate in modeling participate primarily in the Science Fiction category and bring, you guessed, Gundams.

Each modeler seems to have a preference through out all of the major categories. Mr. Bloom loves modeling tanks and dioramas. He mentioned that they are the types of models that you build perfectly, and then mess them up making them look used and worn. Dioramas are a passion because he loves to tell a story through models. Mr. Colvin said he loves to build aircraft. Both of these gentlemen are United States Veterans. It is common around this area due to our close proximity to Barksdale Air Force Base. I honestly expected to see way more aircraft models than I actually did. These guys love to branch out. Mr. Bloom mentioned that while he loves building tanks, he challenges himself by building all types of models. You only become a better builder the more you challenge and hone your skills.

So what did I see? Awesomeness.

The awards this year made a pretty significant switch. You'll notice on the awards table you can see small medallions. Those are awards in the form of challenge coins. Challenge coins have been becoming more popular recently, but their origins lie in the military. Maybe one day we will do a blog post on the origins of the challenge coin and its growing popularity! 

Overall, the experience was one to remember. I loved it and now I've started to look at model sets that I can work on. I even left there that day with a model set for Treyson. He's the same age Mr. Bloom was when he started building models, so who knows...maybe I'm raising the next club president!!! 

A sincere thank you to the Red River Modelers for inviting EG to cover this event. All images were taken by the incomparable photographic genius that is Chris Reich. Well see you again on Wednesday for a new cosplay blog, until then, and always stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! 

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