The Bait and Switch/ Museum of London's Fire!Fire!

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Image: Museum of London

The Great Fire on London begin on September 2, 1666 and burned for three devastating days. The Museum of London is not going to let the 350th Anniversary go to waste...and I mean, who blames them?

The exhibition is set to open in July is said to help patrons experience London through the eyes of people that were "the London life" during that time.

The exhibition is slated to have children's display that are interactive for the youngsters. I love this! I know it sounds crazy, but working in the museum industry I firmly believe that you if you bring young children to museums during the early years of their life they will continue to be patrons for the rest of their lives. The curators have listed: walking along Pudding Lane and evaluating ordinary London life in the 17th century, visit the bakery where the fire started and spread across the city, identify real objects melted by the fire, and hear the rarely told personal accounts by Londoners affected by the disaster.

They also have quite a variety of fine art pieces to be included in the exhibition that depict the city of London burning. One of the items to be exhibited during the Fire!Fire! Exhibition is a restored 17th century fire engine.

If you are in London any time during the Fall makes sure to check out his interesting & historic exhibition at the Museum of London! 

Seven of Ten will see you on Friday for a #5FandomFriday! Until then, and as always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! 

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