What?! Friday?!

I'm going to be honest that I completely forgot today was Friday!  I have a big event tomorrow (Saturday) at 8:00am and I've been extra stressed to make that happen.  Since I forgot it was Friday, I didn't prepare my #5FandomFriday post, but I thought I'd share some happiness that's been helping me get through my week and my stress!

1) Doing for others. It sounds sappy, but thinking about making other people smile today has really lightened my load (it also helps that one of my gifts had this cutie on it)

2) Hamilton. That's right - you rap about the founding of the nation at the top of your lungs during your commute and try not to smile!

3) Q2Q Comics. If you've worked in theatre in any capacity (professional or community) these comics are a must see!

4) The Almighty Johnsons. Netflix and Syfy deliver with this show about Norse Gods who have come to Earth and now live inside humans as they wait to regain their powers.  The only hitch, Odin must find his Frigg and Odin just turned 21 and hasn't had a ton of luck with ladies in the past.  

5) Friends who read your mind. I'm sure you've noticed that A2-D2 and I have been having some difficulty with scheduling and keeping up with the blog, but she read my mind and we have some exciting changes in the future to make it easier on us, but to insure that you have great content here on Exquisitely Geek! Make sure you check back in and see what's new with EG!

Until next week...

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