Five Favorite Potter Gifts

I must admit that I always enjoy a bit of online shopping! So, for today's #FandomFriday during #PotterMonth, I thought I'd take you on my shopping trip.  Maybe you'll find something that needs to be in your life soon!

(1) What's the first thing people will see when they come to your home? The door mat!  Check out FranklinandFigg's take on the welcome mat at their Etsy store.  This mat will only run you $35 which is only a bit more than what I pay now for boring leaf print ones that I buy at Home Depot!

(2) If you've kept up with us for very long at all, you know that I'm all about the subtle nerd, and here's a great accessory for the upcoming fall from TheOhlala. They have a Marauder's Map scarf!

(3) There are some stores that A2-D2 and I both love, and JORDANDENE is one of them! Rather than try to pick my favorite piece, I'll just link you back to A2-D2's blog about the store from a few weeks ago!

(4) Now you can't forget about the tweens (or kids at heart) either when shopping for Harry Potter items. PraxisStore offers customized Hogwarts acceptance letters! You can even add a chocolate frog, a marauders map, a snitch, or other thematic gifts with the letter for an additional fee.

(5) I'm all about starting the fandom young - that's one reason I love My First Fandom - but I can't imagine any way to start them younger than with this bedding set from RiverBabySupplies! Cute baby is not included in price.

I hope you've all had a great week and that you have an exceptionally geeky weekend!

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