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For this week's post, I'm going way back in the archives to the origin post of 5 Fandom Friday. You can check out more about 5 Fandom Friday, including an archive of prompts here!

You can probably tell from the blog that I have a number of fandoms and interest in the nerd world. Just like my personality, other interest, and how I express my style have metamorphosed throughout my life, my fandoms and nerdy interest have grown up and changed with me. Here are my 5 Gateway Fandoms.


I'm sure no one is surprised by this. A2-D2 and I often discuss our Star  Wars vs Star Trek loves and you can read more here about how Star Trek creeped into my daily life as a child here.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer released when I was in middle school. It was a weekly show before DVR or streaming services. If I wanted to watch it, I had to catch it live. I got to stay up late each week for this show only. My parents hated the show so I even got my own TV so I could watch it - big things when you're 13.


I still remember there first book hype. I live ink the Bible belt and churches in my town (and some of my friends) were telling me about this evil book that would teach kids witchcraft! I was in my religious rebellion phase and bought it just for the priest factor. Yes, I really thought buying and reading a book works be a loud protest to the religious zealots in my town. The rest, is history! I will say that this is also the only books I've ever re reread!


I don't know that is consider myself a bibliophile now. I don't have the opportunity to read much skinnier, I read more stand alone books than series or complete works of an author. But when I was young I read every Nancy Drew book, in order, but only until the original author stopped writing. This meant I researched the history of the franchise and found when ghost writers began taking over the books and refused  to buy any "non pure" books.


As s freshman, the coolest senior girl read books all the time! BTW she was popular to me, not to the general high school populace - that was probably evident by the book reference, but I wanted to clarify. She was reading the newly released 4th Dark  Tower book from Stephen King. The size of the book was enticing to me so I started the series and then proceeded to consume every book he wrote and researched and studied his fictional universe. My first Fandom clothing was Stephen King based! I still believe that some of my favorite quotes are from these books...

What is one of your Gateway Fandoms? I hope your week was amazing. Check in next week when I talk a bit about family life and what to forgive mom for next time you see her.

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