5 Harry Potter Spells I Need

I am (once again) emerged in Harry Potter. As I've be re(re)reading the original books, I've started imagining what spells I'd love to have in my muggle life. So, for today's #5FsndomFriday, let's create some magic!


Think of everything you could summon with th Accio summoning spell! Accio coffee, Accio Wine, Accio Books! I grew up watching Charmed on the WB and I always envied Paige's power to move items through space with a vocal command, and this spell would give me that ability! No more lost pacifiers in my house!!
Your patronus can protect you from dark forces, and I think that in the muggle world, dark forces would be up to the interpretation of the spell caster. Maybe it's just a protectant from negative thoughts, but I think the comfort of seeing your patronus could be instantaneous.
When we bought our new house, every light had a remote ...except the master bedroom. This spell combo would let me turn out my bedroom light regardless of remote AND I'd always have a flashlight upon demand!
Trekie moment here, but talk about teleportation solution! No commute time, never be late again, instant arrival at vacations! Let's make this happen!
Let us ignore the depressing scene this spell was used in and instead, focus on how this spell could be benificial. That ex you wish you could forget. Or better yet, that embarrassing moment that you still remember - yeah that one. This spell would give us the power to forget selectively!
What spells do you need in your life?


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