We went to Geek'd Con 2016!

So, we went to Geek'd Con 2016 at the Shreveport Convention Center on Sunday. We attempted to go on Saturday, but it was a bust. Birthday parties took a serious time chunk out of our day.

That's a thing people don't warn you about when you start thinking about having children, or when your pregnant. You will spend an offensive amount of your life attending birthday parties.

Geek'd Con was great. It was roughly the same size as last year, but they did a great deal of rearranging to make the conference center more "user friendly."

A few cool things came out of Geek'd Con...

It was basically Pokemon heaven thanks to the release of PokemonGo. Therefore Treyson was in his own version of heaven, at every single vendor stall through the entire convention center. 

We came across this amazing bit of happiness. It's a video game truck. It's rental-able. They will bring it your house and park it there for an extended period of time and just let you play video games. I may be working on a surprise for someone soon... You can find more information about the truck and their set up at gameonvideogametruck.com! 

I stumbled across a fun activity that we will be featuring here on the blog soon so make sure you stick around for that. Here's a hint; it's packed with suspense. 

This stuffed munchkin was purchased on birthday credit. The Ninja and I offer Treyson a few alternatives to celebrate his birthday every year. One of the deals we made this year was a hundred dollars cash, well...his birthday is in a month and he's already trying to access his funds. 

Overall Geek'd Con was great. There was a little bit of a scheduling problem with some of the panels, but all of the talent seemed to be happy participating and the cosplay's I saw on Sunday were great. Lots of anime and armor! Make sure you check it out next year...

Oh, and on Friday, the first day of Geek'd Con it was announced that the original Louisiana Comic Con will be back in the Shreveport/Bossier City area in 2017. Mark your calendars for April 22 & 23 at Hirsch Memorial Coliseum. 

Outfit of the Day
Top: (similar) AEO Soft & Sexy Hi-Neck Tank, $25
Sweater: Boyfriend Cardigan, $15
Necklace: (similar) Wire Wrapped Semi-Precious Necklace, $18

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