Hig 5 Y'all! #VivaLaFilmPrize

Happy Friday everyone! It's been busy, but amazing around here! 

I've got fall carnival, a birthday sleepover, and LA Film Prize this weekend. So much to do, but alas, all good things! 

Here are some high points from Instagram over the last two weeks! 

This kid turned nine last Sunday, and I sort of feel like my world is ending. I can't believe he is so big, and old, and mature, and amazing, and growing...up...so...fast. 

He had a great birthday! He ended up buy another iPod because his screen shattered sometime ago and he just converted over to his iPad instead of paying to get it fixed. He was on the "I N-E-E-D a phone " kick there for about a week. Anyone else thing 9 is too young for a phone? Lol

Brangelina split up. The Sister-Cousins and I had meltdown. Our group text pretty much always looks like this. Large exclamatory statement followed by as many bitmojis & gifs as possible. 

It's La Film Prize Weekend here in Shreveport and I treat this weekend as more of an annual family retreat. We all get sitters, for our children or dogs, and head out for a day of short films, great food, and family time. I can't wait to spend my Saturday with all of these amazingly fine folks! 

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I will see you guys on Tuesday for another blog post! Until then, and as always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! 

Oh! and #VivaLaFilmPrize! 

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