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I was originally planning to write about Star Trek - I'm sure that's not a big surprise. After all, it's me, and its the 50th anniversary! I even have actual research rather than just the ramblings of a fan, but as I was working on the Star Trek blog, I had a rabbit hole moment - those movies you're embarrassed to admit you like. Those movies you just can't seem to get rid of from your teen years. You know the one...that DVD you just can't donate.

I went down that rabbit hole while trying to write the Star Trek blog, and I thought I'd share a few of my favorite teen nostalgia movies. Fair warning, I was a teen in the 90s and early 00s.

In 1997, we were introduced to Meredith Brooks who was a bitch, love, child, and mother.  She gave us all a song to sing softly in protest while riding with the parents and then scream loudly in the car with friends. She also started an interest in the independent woman idea for a few girls and brought it to the forefront.  Not long after, in 1999, we got the beauty that was Janeane Garofalo. I know she was doing things before 1999, but that's when she entered my life. Janeane starred in Mystery Men as the hard-ass "I don't need men" superhero. A movie of outcast superheroes - what more do you need. Also, I don't mind admitting, I wanted a series of movies....since we're doing Zoolander again, maybe it isn't completely out of the cards. 

2002 was my first year in high school.  I thought I had finally figured out who I was, and I thought I was on the right path for people remembering me past graduation.  Please note that in reality, I was a freshman in band who played the oboe and percussion and had a strong desire to join the drama club so that I could work backstage.  I was also a feminist and budding gay rights activist after my first serious boyfriend came out to me a few weeks before our freshman year began. 2002 had some amazing releases for the nostalgia bone - Drumline with Nick Cannon pre Mariah and pre America's Got Talent.  There's all the great elements - the traditionally black college, that one white guy who thinks he's not white, the gorgeous girl (not in band) that the drummer wants to date.  It's an oddly accurate reflection of most drumlines I know. 

In 2002, we were also blessed with DJ Qualls.  You may recognize him as Garth from Supernatural, but in 2002, he was Dizzy Gillespie.  Dizzy is an unpopular band geek in high school who's having a hard time fitting in (hmm, I'm noticing a theme). He learns how to be cool from a prison inmate, gets himself expelled from school, and starts a new popular identity at a different school.  As I'm sure you guessed, he's found out at the end and there's a valuable lesson on self-worth.

What are you best nostalgia movies - any themes come out once you thought about it?  See you next week, and stay exceptionally chic!

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