(Another) Sunday Post

Happy Sunday everyone!

Just wanted to drop in for a Sunday post since I missed last Friday's High 5! 

It's been an interesting couple of weeks around here. I feel like I've been saying that a lot lately. 

I will say this...

and just consider this the unfortunately brutally honest truth....

Seven of Ten and I started this blog almost three years ago, and our lives have changed significantly since then, as they should have

Seven of Ten now has a sweet toddler, and she's now in graduate school (which is amazing!), along with managing her Jamberry business. 

Treyson is more active in extracurricular activities now that he's older, and our Education Director at the Gallery recently resigned so I have taken on her job responsibilities, as well as mine. I love that my career has really taken off in the past couple of years, and now I get to help maintain the growth we've seen in our Education Program, but I've got double duty.

So, basically, we are busy. 

I don't want anything to get misconstrued. We love Exquisitely Geek. It is out passion project, and we feel a ton of passion about creating great content for our amazingly loyal readers. We have almost 400 posts on the blog as of today! (We're cooking up something fun for post (400!)

But EG does not pay our bills, and does not take precedent over our families.

Cutting back to the two posts a week has helped us immensely, but there are still some days when we just can't get to the computer to blog. 

MOM CONFESSIONAL: I am actually in the living room on a Saturday evening at 10:41 eating a bowl of plain spagetti noodles (sauce just seemed like too much effort), drinking a Coke Zero, in my pjs...and as I'm writing this I'm realizing this is the first time I've eaten today. Also, I'm only getting this opportunity because Treyson, at the last minute, was invited to spend the night at a friend's house. Life is just crazy right now people!

Lately, Seven of Ten and my messages have mostly been "I haven't had a chance to blog, but I will get to it as soon as I can." or "I promise, I didn't forget, I just didn't get that far!" 

Basically, please know, that we aren't forgetting about you guys. We think about you, and creating great content for you to read, ALL THE TIME! 

This season of our life will pass and we will be back to standard EG reliability, and if not...we will find a new standard of EG reliability; together. 

Thank you for always remaining exceptionally chic and exquisitely geek. We love you guys. 

Exquisitely Geek

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