High 5: Anxiety Relief

This weekend is odd for me because I have my first Graduate School final.  I've done grad school before, but I've decided to go back because I'm hoping to change careers.  So, my final is Saturday at 10am (good vibes are very much appreciated) and one of the reasons it is so odd to me is that I'm having some anxiety over it!  If you knew me in high school or even college, school was natural.  I knew the routine, I had study habits that let me be valedictorian and graduate magna cum laude, but something about grad school this time around has me experiencing serious text anxiety.  Today, I'm going to share my High 5 of what has helped me keep the anxiety at bay and I'd love to hear what your stress relievers are in the comments below!

Virtual Window shopping is my friend!  I recently found this children's book company when Amelia found a book at the library that we had to check out 3 times before she'd change stories!  My jamberry sister hosted a party last night and I enjoyed shopping for Amelia's Christmas - it took my mind of the final for about an hour! Check out the books for all ages of readers here

I don't usually listen to music when I go to sleep, but the sleep timer on Pandora paired with the new New Orleans Jazzers Radio I found has been a great way to get my mind to be quiet!

I'm binge watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix!!!

Me Time! Jamberry released a new Disney collection and I spent some time deciding which one to wear (above).  I also used a LUSH bath bomb (below) to take some time out after bedtime for Amelia

What are you favorite go-to anxiety relievers?  I have a feeling I'll need them more as the grad school thing continues!

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