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If you're not a follower of @ExquisitelyGeek on Instagram, you need to be! One of my friends, Laura Mauro, is taking over our Instagram account while she is at NYCC!  Laura is a book lover and even has a YouTube channel with reviews of books she has read - she'll even take requests! You can check out her YouTube channel here! She's one of my favorite people to follow in Goodreads and I can't wait to see Comic Con (virtually) with her.  Laura shared some of her pre-con thoughts with us after the break. We'll see you on Instagram this weekend!
This is Laura - she's awesome!

Well I am so excited to finally be going to Comic Con for all four days. I am very excited to see what book related goodies and cool stuff that I can get my  hands on.  I am a book lover first and had much success last year getting both free books (arcs) and also signed books by some cool authors last year. I was only able to go for one day, so I am excited to see what comes my way this year.
            New york Comic Con this year also increased their book presence by creating a book con like event at near by venue that will host both panels and signings by authors. There are some authors I would love to both meet and attend panels including Alexandra Bracken, Lev Grossman and the authors of the Doon Series.  I also would love to meet James Dashner and Kendare Blake. There are also some books that coming out this week that I am hoping have some comic con related editions like the second book in the Magnus Chase series, The Hammer Of Thor.
            In addition to books, I would also love to attend both the Once Upon a Time panel and the Timeless panel.  The only reason, I may not attend these is if I think the line is way to long and I have no hope of getting in.  They do have policy in place, that says that panels won’t be cleared so you need to get there hours early and I am not sure if that I how I want to spend a full day. I guess it will be made on the day, depending on all the things I want to do in a given day. I also get to shop in the Funko exclusive booth as well and see if any funk pops catch my eye. I do have mini collection and would love to add some additional ones to my collection, especially if you can’t find them anywhere else.  I also want to spend some time in artist alley because I did not get to do that last year and I know how talented all the artists are that show there.  I am very excited to see what I wound up finding both for my self and also maybe some holiday gifts.
            I also excited that I also am going in costume this year. I really did not know what to expect last year but I really wanted to try this year and I picked some Harry Potter inspired costume ideas. I am going as several different versions of Hermione including Hermione in the final battle and in her school uniform. I also hope to dress up as the Maurder map.

            This are the things I am looking forward two at NYC comic con 2016. I can’t wait to go to comic con and let you all know what I experienced. If you have any questions or comments, let me know below and I will try to answer them.

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