Update before the New Year

So, to say we've been busy and out of touch is an understatement.  A2-D2 and I are trying to figure out how to balance the new things in our lives and we're still trying to figure out how the blog fits in.  Don't worry, we're not leaving you, but we've decided to wait until the New Year to start blogging again.  This will give us time to catch up, pre-blog, and schedule ourselves a bit better.

In the meantime, keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram because we're doing the 12 Days of Geekmas again! You can virtually shop with your two favorite nerdy bloggers (that's us) and make sure that you or the other Geeks on your list have Exquisitely Geek(y) gifts under the tree.

We can't wait to be back with you again.  Until then, stay as Exquisitely Geek as you've always been.

Exquisitely Geek

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