Geeky Teas: Earl Grey

If you've followed either my personal instagram account or our EG instagram account, you know I am a tea drinker. Hot, iced, chai, lattes....put tea in it and I'm in.  My blogger friend CuppaGeek was kind enough to gift me a few teas from and I'm finishing up my last cup of the Star Trek inspired Earl Grey, Hot, and I wanted to share with you what I thought about the blend.

It's always sad when I see that empty loose leaf tea bag, but this Star Trek inspired blend did not disappoint (hince the empty bag!). This is a black tea with orange peels, natural bergamot flavor, and blue cornflowers.  I've had black teas before with orange peels where the orange took over the flavor, this is not one of those times. The orange is subtle and is more of an aftertaste element than an initial flavor that hits your tongue.  The blue cornflower is an interesting taste that I really loved in this blend; it really helped cut the bitterness which is common is some black tea blends.  

Overall, this was a great blend that could be enjoyed by itself or with your favorite tea additives.  If you'd like to get yourself a tin of this blend you can do so here.

What are you drinking this week?

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