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If you're following us on Pinterest, you may already know what my next Cosplay attempt is going to be because I went a little pin crazy on our Cosplay board.  If you don't follow us on Pinterest - do it!

I have found there are three types of Cosplayers:
1) Cosplayers who cosplay as if they are in the character's world
2) Cosplayers who cosplay as if the character has been brought to our world
3) Cosplayers who cross genres and "worlds"

I am a type 2 cosplayer.  This means that my cosplay creations are created to resemble what I think a character would be like if they were living in our current world.  This means I do not try to do any animation techniques - the character becomes a real person.

With that in mind, I present my next Cosplay creation:

The reason I wanted to make clear what type of Cosplayer I am is because I'm not planning to look like that animated image.  I'm planning to make a Cosplay that would be the Queen of Hearts at her inauguration.   I've always thought the Queen of Hearts may have been a lovely individual and that we only saw what happened to her personality and demeanor after years of difficult rule.  I'm taking her back a few years and bringing her to our world.

Here are some of the pins that I've started using for inspiration:

I've got a dress that I'm planning on re-purposing, and I know I'm going to need white fur, playing cards, and some stellar accessories.  I see a trip to the fabric store in my near future!  I'll keep you updated here and on IG!  Until next time, stay exceptionally chic and exquisitely geek!

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