Television Binge Time

Have you been on any great television binges lately? 

Every once in a while I will get sick, or just be super interested in something, or fall victim to the hype, and before I know it, I've watched all of the Doctor Who resurrection over a month long period...exclusively. 

You've never done that? Oh. Well..then this blog post may not be for you...

I have noticed that television is movie toward more "miniseries" and less long form seasons so that should be a interested evolution over the next few years. 

Here are the five shows that I've binged on lately! 

The West Wing

Okay, so I'm really late to this party. Like, yeah. The West Wing had it series finale in first year of college if that gives you a point of reference...but I have been loving it. I'm on season 6 of 7. Just knowing that by the time I wrap this up I will have watched 156 episodes gives me a *completely pointless* sense of accomplishment. Plus, I finished it in under a month, so there is bragging rights right there. 

This Is Us

So, this show is new to television this (2016) year, but if you start watching it now you can binge and get through the mid season finale. I can't even describe this show without spoiling the magic. What I will say is that it is about people, living there life, around the same time, but in very different times. The Ninja and I have never been one of those couples that loves a television show so much that we watch it together each week, but that changed this year...and every week we also have a good cry together. I blame the magic. 

The Americans 

I honestly don't know why more people don't talk about this show! The Americans is based on a married couple living just outside of Washington, D.C. in the 1980's shortly after Ronald Reagan is elected President of the United States. The only problem, these two are actually KGB spies. This show is perfect and suspenseful enough to make your binge completely justifiable. 


While I haven't actually watched this, I can not wait to. Do any of you watch Off Camera with Sam Jones on the Audience channel? If not, you should, but Thandie Newton's hour long conversation on this program single-highhandedly made me want to see what Westworld had to offer. Not to mention after I watched the interview and mentioned it to The Ninja every single friend I have mentioned the show and how much I would enjoy it based on my philosophical interested in humanity. I'm stoked. The Ninja and I already have a Sunday on the calendar to binge.

The Crown 

The Crown is the most expensive series that Netflix ever produced, but it shows. They did a great job re-creating so many historic locations to share the story of Queen Elizabeth across the globe. Fans of Doctor Who will love seeing Matt Smith in a powerful role, but may have a difficult time to adjusting to Smith not portraying The Doctor. That being said, it is certainly worth the time.

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