Galentines Presents

Last year, A2-D2 celebrated Galentines Day with a list of her favorite Womances and Womanships. This year, I'm sharing the best Galentines Day presents for your partner in crime!

1) Ever since spending a significant amount of time in New York City with my incomparable Hufflepuff roommate, I have become obsessed with Bagels.  I have a bagel shop here in Texas that is different from where I get my smear - let's just say that I'm pretty picky.  Then Bantam Bagels came into my life! They are sold frozen and you cook them for about 6 minutes in a toaster oven and BAM! Bagel bites packed with cream cheese perfectly paired.  There's savory and sweet - there's even a pretzel bagel bite with dijon cream cheese. They work out to be about $1 per bagel ball and SO worth it!

2) Why not schedule a date night with your Womance? Local to me is the Gearbox headquarters and they have created a nerd friendly eatery and coffeeshop downstairs from the headquarters.  Nerdvana Food+Spirits has video game consoles throughout the restaurant and instead of playing trivia with your drinks, why not play Borderlands?! What makes this place perfect is that all food and drink is themed to a game - try the Mad Moxxi cocktail if you are in the area!

3) If she's your drinking buddy, why not give her a customized wine label from Stony Creek Wine Press.
There are templates as well as the ability to be creative through their customized label creation. Labels are about $1.00 a piece and there is a minimum of 12 labels per order.

4) Audible Gift Cards! If your girl loves podcasts, Audible is a great way to blend their love of the spoken word and storytelling.  Audible has also started their own competitor to podcasts where you can hear short stories, short documentaries, and newscasts within the Audible app as part of your membership.

5) Give her some art.  It doesn't have to be fancy, it doesn't even have to be completed! CloudsFactory has cross stitch patterns and kits for your nerdy woman! There's also a monthly stitch-along where every month a new portion of the pattern is sent to you. This year, it's famous and fantastic women who have changed the world (What better for your Galentine?). I'm going to be getting a few patterns for my own birthday including the Stranger Things pattern!

What are your plans for Galentines? My co-workers and I are hitting up the local happy hour.  Have a save and exceptionally geeky weekend!

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