Holyhead Harpies

Another con has come and gone, and I have another cosplay in my cosplay closet.  Yes, I have a separate closet for my cosplay - I'll share that some other time.  This time, we wanted a cosplay that was (1) from a fandom we didn't have yet, (2) would be fairly easy to put on, and (3) would be comfortable! We are over the 3 hour makeup process for Vastra. So, we selected the Holyhead Harpies professional quidditch team from Harry Potter.

Don't know that one? That's okay, we did go slightly obscure, but the Holyhead Harpies are the only all female quidditch team that competes in the national level.  Ginny was on the team for a bit before having children and you may have heard of them briefly in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  Here are the details of the design for you!

We decided, from the photo, we'd need tan/brown baseball pants, a green and yellow jersey shirt, shin pads, and (obviously) a broom.

For the shin pads, we looked at a number of quidditch photos and determined that cricket pads would be the closest muggle item that could be used for this purpose, but they were all white in color.  Thankfully, muggles also make leather dye so that we could have pads in any color we desired. We bought these pads from SportsDirect.com. They came with a great storage package that will make them last longer when not in use, and they have been very easy to work with.
We then utilized Fiebing's leather crafting products to dye and seal the pads.  We utilized both a brown and mahogany in order to gain some depth to the color of the pads.  You can find Fiebing's products here. Here's the difference that a little dye will do:

This process took about three days.  One day for a few coats of brown dye, one day for a few coats of mahogany, and one day for sealing it.  If you do this, note that the dye does seem to create droplets on the pads, we found that it was easiest to just keep moving the dye around the pads until you were (more or less) dry brushing the dye on the pad.  If you let the droplets dry as droplets, it does create a discoloration pattern.  Also DO NOT let water get on these until you seal it.  Amelia decided to pour water on them when we were starting and we lost all of the dye we had put on one pad and had to start over.

Our shirts were designed by us and printed at a local print shop who does custom orders.  Though you can get shirts online, we weren't huge fans of the designs available.  We utilized a local visual artist to design the logo and had them printed locally. 

Finally, the brooms were hand crafted by us as well.  With the use of a good walking stick and some serious sanding, we were able to create a broom unique to our preferences and what we would need when we played.  Here's the Pinterest post we used as a reference guide: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-Nimbus-2000/

Over all this was a cosplay that had more work on the front end, but for day of con, it was really easy to get ready!  Check out ExquisitelyGeek's instagram for more con photos and follow #fanexpodallas for even more great photos of the event.

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  1. This costume is so cute! I never thought about doing a Quidditch team for an outfit. *APPLAUSE* Love it.

    1. Thank you! This was super fun to make and it was really comfortable to wear at the convention. I will admit that neither of us were used to carrying accessories and we kept having to remind each other how long the brooms were so we didn't hit anyone!