5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Animated Movies

Today's prompt is brought to you by The Indoor Adventuerer - Here are my 5 favorite Animated Movies!

 The Emperor's New Grove. This is one of the first animated movies that The Captain would willingly watch.  I must say that I'm a sucker for movies with anthropomorphized animals, and with the addition of Krunk as the wonderful villainous sidekick - you can't go wrong!

 Home. I cry at the end of this EVERY TIME. Something about finally finding "my mom," and the cute boov. I just can't handle the cute.  Then you have wonderful catch phrases that you can use daily like "Can I come into the out now?" and a main character who is a living mood ring. If you haven't seen it - do it...do it now!

Despicable Me. I remember when I first saw this movie I was supervising a field trip with 300 kids. I was not excited.  When I left, I immediately texted The Captain and said "I want a Minion." He wasn't sure what I meant and asked for an explanation. I told him he had to see the movie, and he did. By himself, in a movie full of kids.  He's pretty wonderful! The only (moderate) downside is how popular Minions became...it's become a little ridiculous recently.

Peter Pan. this was my first taste of an animated movie with a female lead who didn't need the man. She could survive without him.  It was also the first time that I saw a iterations of the show where sometimes, Peter was portrayed by a girl.  It was inspiring and wonderful for me growing up.

How to Train Your Dragon. This is another movie where there's a string female lead who doesn't want a guy and is determined to show that she is stronger and braver than everyone else.  There's also the anthropomorphized animal. In my world of "what makes a good movie" it has the two biggest.  I have to watch this movie every time it comes on!

What are some movies you can't stop watching? I love animation as a medium and I'd love some suggestions from you as well!  Until next week, stay exceptionally chic and exquisitely geek!

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